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photo Château Gamage

Welcome to Château Gamage

The 12th century Château was inherited in 1734, by an aristocratic lady,  La Marquise d’Alphonse, known in the region for her legendary and majestic banquets.  
Even at that period, the estate was producing wines. She restored the property and more than 200 years later,
Château Gamage still stands in this region of Bordeaux that is steeped in wine growing history.


The 85 acres of vineyards are in the centre of the Bordeaux wine region and is situated on the Right Bank, between the 2 main rivers, just across from Saint-Emilion. The vines flourish on clayey, limestone and highly calcareous soil, amidst rock stone. This exceptional composition favours excellent water drainage. The vines also thrive from the ideal ventilation that comes from the Dordogne River’s breeze, creating an excellent micro climate.

Grape Varieties

The grapes are a classical palette of the Bordeaux varieties; 70%Merlot for the colour, roundness and suppleness, 15% of Cabernet Sauvignon which contributes to its structure and robustness and 15% of Cabernet Franc to add balance. The blending of these varietals produces an elegant wine with a fruity bouquet, firm in youth and mellow as it ages; (like the Marquise!). The key word in this success is selection, from the period of the grape harvest to, above all, the preparation of the cuvee, taking into consideration the specificity of each vintage.




Our website is opening. See you soon to discover our wine and vintage.